Our first blog entry ( Yay! )

Here we are…

When your first question is:  Who the hell are we, let me introduce us.

We are a small passionate 2 man army…, I mean dev team, with roughly more than 25 years experience.

Daniel is a Full Stack Web Developer with a strong focus on responsive front-ends for web and mobile and he also has a lot of experience in developing back-end services with Java and Python.

Christian is more the backend developer with a lots of experience in (C, C++, assembler (yikes) ) and he has also experience in (JavaScript / NodeJS).

Why are we here?

Over the past few years we have developed a bunch of closed source software. It made a lot of fun, but there is one big problem with such work: One cannot share or show the work  (one word: NDA’s).

allevios.io was intended to be another closed source project, but this time we decided to make it open source, to give something back to the great open source community. We have already invested a lot of time and energy to create our vision of a sozialized “all in one” IoT / Smart Building solution, now we need your help!

  • … you have a device that’s not in our database and you are a coder? Fork our devicehub and implement your own template of the device
  • … you are no coder but want translate allevios.io in another language ? We are really happy if you could do that
  • … you think our design could be better? Sure fork allevios.io and implement a template with your design vision
  • … or be a Beta tester of our developer branch, and report bugs. That’s also really appreciated
  • and last but not least please make merge requests back in our main repository.

As Daniel has written in his post, we have a lot of work left with migrating to github, if all is done we will open the contribute guide under following link: https://allevios.com/contribute.

To get more information about our Socialized Open Source IoT platform take a look at https://allevios.com


What else?

Blog:  We want to publish a blog post every week. That can be a tutorial, code snippets or some problems that we encountered.

Over and Out

That was our first post and we hope you liked it. If so, leave us a star, share it with your friends.
Hope to see you again.


Sincerely your allevios.io team.

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